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Classes U3A Moorleigh offers classes on a wide range of subjects such as languages, art and craft, literature, religion, exercise as well as a number of computer and computer-related classes. The following PDF file contains information about all the 2017 classes that are being offered. Click here for U3A Moorleigh Class List & Details (in PDF format) Please check with the office as to current class availability. You can put your name on the waiting list of a full class. To join a class you need to visit the office and fill in the appropriate form. Please see the “Contact Us” page for office open times, dates, and phone number.
New Classes for 2017 Monday *  Healing the Wounded Child within Tuesday *  An “Intro” to Bridge *  Astronomy for the Lay Person *  Travelling The Silk Road Wednesday *  Political Correctness *  Introduction to Algebra *  The Middle East – A Personal Journey *  Travels in Northern Australia     *  Beginners Class for Painting *  U.S. History through Documentaries Thursday *  The Great Churches *  Introduction to Algebra *  Workshop for iPad/iPhone *  An Introduction to Hatha Yoga *  Lifelong Health *  Moorleigh Film Festival