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VMIA Insurance Cover for Victorian U3As VMIA is a statutory authority established to provide insurance for Victorian State assets and risks, reporting through the Victorian State Government Department of Treasury and Finance. As part of our U3A Network's relationship with the Office of Senior Victorians, U3A has established a policy with VMIA, and all Victorian U3As which are members of U3A Network are covered under the policy - unless a U3A has formally indicated that it does not want to be covered under the VMIA policy.   Insurance cover at this time is: Public Liability $20 million Professional Liability $20 million Directors and Officers Liability $20 million Entity Fidelity $100,000 Medical Indemnity $20,000 For Personal Accident, the cover is $250,000 Capital Benefits up to age 79. $1,500 per week, being 85% of pre-disability earnings - for up to 104 weeks to 75 years of age; 26 weeks from 76-79 years of age. For each U3A, the cover outlined above applies to management, committee members, patron(s), incorporated bodies, directors, officers, employees and paid or unpaid volunteers. COVER DOES NOT APPLY TO ORDINARY MEMBERS OF U3A. We currently have cover for Public Liability, Fire and General Burglary and Personal Accident for Volunteer workers. Personal Accident cover for volunteers is only applicable when on duty. Members should note they are NOT covered for Personal Accident. The recourse should be through Medicare and/or private health cover.